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Coronavirus Coverage



UPDATED | William Shatner, TV's Capt. Kirk, blasts into space

Hollywood's Captain Kirk, 90-year-old William Shatner, blasted into space Wednesday in a convergence of science fiction and science reality, reaching the final frontier aboard a ship built by Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin company.

Does 'resurfacing' laser treatment for post-menopausal symptoms work?

A type of laser “resurfacing” treatment popularly used for skin rejuvenation has increasingly been marketed as an alternative treatment for vaginal atrophy, a condition that typically affects women after menopause. A new study suggests the therapy works no better than a fake treatment.

Local Highlights


Climate and Environment

Road-blocking climate protesters in U.K. pause campaign

Environmental protesters pressuring the British government to insulate all homes within a decade as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have halted their disruptive road-blocking campaign until Oct. 25, just days before the start of the UN climate summit in the Scottish city of Glasgow.



OPINION | Tom Mulcair: Freeland positioning herself to take over as Liberal leader

Of the five political parties with MPs in the House, only the Liberals have never had a woman as leader. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be doing everything he can to help Chrystia Freeland get his job if and when he decides to pack it in, writes former NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in an exclusive column for .


OPINION | Don Martin: Jason Kenney's political fate is in the ICU - and failing fast

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is confronting a full-throated justification for a pink slip thanks to his chronic tone-deafness during the pandemic, incredulously topped off by taking a two-week vacation in Europe this month as Albertans were dying from the consequences of his policies, writes Don Martin in his exclusive column for .



EXCLUSIVE | Jaskirat Sidhu, the 'Humboldt Driver,' speaks out

W5 launches its 56th season with an exclusive interview with Jaskirat Sidhu and his wife Tanvir Mann as they reveal their deep grief over the Humboldt tragedy and their hopes that they will be allowed to stay in Canada.

Truck driver training standards expose fatal flaws

Less than a year after the Humboldt tragedy, pressure on the government resulted in a national set of standards for entry level training for truck drivers. But a W5 investigation reveals it's made little difference when it comes to improving safety standards.

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